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Brainspotting: Rewiring the Brain for Healing and Expansion

 Our eyes are more than a window to our soul… they also unlock potential for deep healing and expansion. Where you look affects how you feel and thus opens a direct doorway into the part of the mind where feelings and experiences are stuck. Brainspotting locates points in the visual field that allow us to tap into the emotional brain (limbic system) where we store stress, trauma and negative belief patterns that jam up our system and limit our potential. It’s through the eye position that we elicit activation connecting to these stored experiences, feelings and thoughts.  This alignment creates an unraveling, releasing and greater regulation within the mind, therefore opening new space and connections in the brain. These expansions elicit healing on a mind, body, spirit level.

As the brain rewires these new pathways, we see change that positively influences thoughts, feelings and actions. Individuals report experiencing greater insight, feeling free, becoming empowered, living with more intention, discovering more joy, being more present, more mindful, and an overall improvement in positive thoughts. This deep mind/body work sheds the layers that keep individuals stuck in life. As these shifts occur and layers melt away, an individual’s true self is revealed.  This awakening cultivates change on the soul level so one can live with more purpose, love and joy.

Find out if Brainspotting is right for you.  Call or email Jenna to schedule your free Discovery Call today!

Jenna Galligani MS, LPC - Intuitive Holistic Coach; owner, Holistic Awakenings

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