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Mindfulness Is The gift Of The Present

Mindfulness helps individuals cultivate present awareness of their experience and environment.  It’s a way to come into the moment, releasing fears and worries; fears are the past and worries are the future.  Focusing on them allows negative beliefs to sneak into your present, stealing the moment.  Displacement of thoughts grows fears and worries.  In the present experience, one connects with calmness, stillness, and a greater awareness of the moment.  Experiencing the present frees your mind; growth and expansion happen.

Take one deep breath.  What do you notice?  Perhaps you notice the breath flowing through your lungs and into your belly.  Maybe you observe your muscles relaxing.  Your mind becomes free from thoughts as you focus on the breath.  This is the present.  This is where moments of peace are found and you let go of worries and fears - even if just for an instant.  This is the gift of being in the present.

Being mindful is a practice and a way of life.  This exercise is one part of living in the present.  It’s a glimmer of the possibilities that cultivating a mindful awareness can bring to your life.  It’s a way of life that can help improve focus, regulate mood, improve sleep, increase motivation, help you live with joy, allow you to feel grounded, improve relationships, improve connection to your true self, and so much more!


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