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Do You Know About Toxic Supplements?

A landmark research study reported in The Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association shows that the odds of purchasing an effective, non-toxic herbal product is only 2.5%.  A shocking 97.5% of products tested were either toxic, not effective, or both.

In order to get supplements that are either from your health practitioner’s office or from an over-the-counter location, there is a complex process that takes place, including growing, harvesting, encapsulation, bottling and delivery.  The quality of each step in this process affects the product’s effectiveness.

Growing and Harvesting Raw Living Source 

The quality of the raw living product is where supplement manufacturing begins.   Most whole food is grown with pesticides or is irradiated, especially in the United States.  Raw food grown with clean standards may be stored too long after harvest and become old and rancid.

Nutrients most effective for cellular support are those that are grown under ideal conditions:  pesticide-free, harvested at their peak and packaged and stored in a toxic-free environment.  With the toxic environment we live in today, it’s hard to find pure nutrients.  Our air, water and soil are polluted, which means our food source and raw material source for supplements is also heavily polluted.

Encapsulation of Living Source


Excipients are highly questionable and often toxic tagalong chemicals or agents which are used in typical nutritional supplement manufacturing.  Many popular nutritional supplements contain health-damaging excipients which are sometimes listed as “other ingredients” or “natural flavors” or they may not be listed at all.

Long term consumption of these toxic excipients is detrimental to our optimal health.  When toxic excipients accompany whole food nutrients, these nutrients enhance cellular access which means our cells are primed and ready to accept nutrients and toxic excipients.  Even a minuscule amount over long-term consumption can have far-reaching adverse effects.  The old adage “it’s better than nothing” does not apply when it comes to toxic supplements.

Capsules vs. Tablets
There’s an ongoing debate about capsules versus tablets.  Some gel capsules use animal-based gelatin.  Animal source gelatins typically contain toxins and may be hard to digest.  Solvent-free vegetable capsules are the cleanest form of nutrient encapsulation.

Tablets most likely contain toxic tagalongs and some non-nutritive agent.  Tablets need glue and binders to hold their ingredients together.  It takes immense pressure and heat to combine ingredients into tablets, which can cause damage to the nutrients.

Therefore, it’s extremely important to maximize well-being through top-quality, organic, high-grade neutraceuticals.  Most holistic practitioners are aware of top-quality brands, so getting tested and having nutritional products tested specifically for you can radically impact health, increase vibrancy, and save money.  Take the guessing and wondering out of supplement quality… get tested by a holistic practitioner and transform your life. 

Dr. Peter Amato, Ph.D., DNM. 131 Reynolds Rd., N. Abington Township, PA. 570-558- 7450. [email protected] See ad, page 21.

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