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Maintaining an Alkaline pH is Key to Preventing Disease

As a Board Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine I teach that the first step on our journey to optimal health is restoring an alkaline terrain.  One of the highest priorities for our bodies is to maintain cellular health and to do what is needed to ensure that our body’s alkalinity remains at a level that supports the health and vitality of our cells. 

Our bodies used to be able to maintain a healthy ratio between acid and alkaline, but due to an overwhelming amount of environmental toxins, our bodies now need additional support. 

What does pH balance mean? 

The initials pH stand for Potential of Hydrogen.  A neutral pH is 7; acids have a pH below 7 and alkalis have a pH above 7.  We want to maintain a healthy balance somewhere around 7… not too acidic, not too alkaline. 

If our pH is not balanced and is too acidic, our cells can become toxic and sluggish and will no longer operate at an optimal level to detox our body from harmful waste.  As such, our cells can die or allow disease to fester and grow. 

The American diet is based on convenience.  Food is preserved and prepared, typically in a box, package or can.  We under consume water and overconsume caffeine and sugar.  Prepackaged foods are high in saturated fats and sugar, and they (including coffee) are acid-forming and cause our bodies to fall out of balance.    

The top ways to maintain a healthy pH balance is with our food and drink choices.

The number one way to maintain a healthy pH balance (making sure we’re properly hydrated with fresh water) is to eat more living foods.  Living foods are mostly organic, mostly green and have high water content.  Examples are sprouts, wheatgrass and green leafy vegetables like lettuce, spinach, broccoli and celery.  

For my clients, I suggest an 80/20 non-diet lifestyle.  80% of the time you are choosing to consume food that is alive, full of minerals, nutrients and water, and 20% of the time you are consuming food that is feeding your soul.  The 20% is food that is comforting to you.  We want to maintain alkalinity and we want to maintain the joy and passion in our lives.  That 20% is equally important to optimum health.  

Sometimes supplementation is necessary when just starting out with these new healthy lifestyle changes.  My suggestions include apple cider vinegar, essential minerals like humic and fulvic or a superfood green supplement.  You can use pH strips daily to measure your pH level.  Balancing your pH takes time, but is well worth the effort for a life filled with energy and longevity. 

For more information: Peter Amato, PhD, DNM, Board Certi ed, Natural Medicine. Inner Harmony Center for Well-Being. 647 Wyoming Avenue, Kingston, PA and 131 Reynolds Road, Waverly, PA. 570-319-6073. See ad, page 3.