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Why You Should Consider A Facial Reflexology Session

Reflexology is a proven science, used to bring the body and mind into balance. In essence, the body's entire network of systems can be found mapped on our feet, hands, ears and face. This therapy helps to improve underlying imbalances, which can manifest in the form of physical, mental and/or emotional conditions ~ often the root cause of many diseases and issues.

Stimulating facial reflex points naturally encourages the body to restore harmony within the many systems of the body. By working on the face, we create a much easier and effective shortcut to the brain center because of the numerous nerves and blood vessels in such close proximity to the brain.

Benefits of Facial Reflexology:

*Stimulates the glands, organs and systems, as well as acupressure, vascular and nerve points of the body, offering a powerful impact to supporting and harmonizing the body and encouraging its innate ability to maintain a healthy, whole body.

*Assists in the release of tensions, toxins, inflammation, energetic blockages and pain; helps to improve underlying conditions, such as sinus, stress, migraine, headache, digestive, sleep, hormonal, muscular and pain management.

*Induces a very deep state of relaxation.

*Creates a naturally glowing complexion through gentle lymphatic drainage techniques.

*Focuses on addressing the function and balance of the meridian, lymphatic, circulatory and central nervous systems, while helping to bring the body’s chi (energy) back into alignment.

Special Offer: $55.00

Expires: April 30, 2021

**(Cannot combine with other offers ~ One offer per person/per visit)**

For more info: A Touch of Light. Energetic Healing & Re exology. Tracy Lelo. 4589 Lehigh Drive, Walnutport, PA. 484-239-6634. See ad, page 32.

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