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A Little Bit About Reiki

Apr 28, 2021 04:42PM ● By Frank Neri

Reiki is a method of natural healing that uses the energy that is channeled through a practitioner’s hands to restore the client’s health and well-being. When energy flow in the human body is not moving, if it is stuck or in some way hampered, the entire body will run poorly. Good health will be compromised. The goal of a Reiki practitioner is to ensure the proper "mix" or flow of energy which will then promote wellness and allow the body to heal itself. Once the practitioner feels the flow of this energy, or the lack thereof, they are able to move it with specific techniques that were taught to them. Some of these techniques include intent and breath control, plus, they can focus on relevant mental images.

Reiki is for EVERYONE! This form of therapy is not only relaxing and calming, but it can be used as a form of meditation for the body.


PHYSICALLY: Reiki promotes healthy digestion, reduces pain, promotes better organ health, reduces headache and neck pain, just to name a few.   

EMOTIONALLY: Reiki gives you the time and space to settle down, center, and delve into your own psyche. 

SPIRITUALLY: Energy work can also help to increase compassion, happiness, empathy and love for our fellow man. It also helps us to tame our habits, increase our intuition, address the tough questions that we sometimes wrestle with… and it helps us feel more connected to others and to our highest consciousness.

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