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Unblocking Repetitive Patterns

Have you ever wondered why you keep reliving the same experiences and yet think you made different choices? You may be unaware that we have energetic laws in addition to universal principles that govern our existence. When we’ve experienced a very difficult situation, it leaves imprints on our energy field. Our energy field, or aura, holds everything that has happened in our earthly experience. The more intense our experiences, the stronger the imprint. This becomes the magnetic field that attracts like or similar energy. 

Each time we enter these unresolved situations, it reinforces the energy around an issue and it becomes a pattern. Many patterns can be life-long and difficult to change. You may need to relook at how you’re structuring your world with old strategies no longer needed. This requires looking at feelings held at a core level.  t’s rare to change a pattern without opening the energy that held the life experience. There may be areas in our bodies that are blocked from memories that are difficult or challenging to process. These blocked areas can become congested and over time contribute to imbalances within our physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Working energetically opens into levels that we previously may not have been able to enter.  Learning to understand more about ourselves is truly a more conscious way to live. As we reclaim our strengths by releasing what is no longer useful, our world takes on a totally renewed sense of awareness and purpose.     

Diane DuPre’

Intuitive Healer/ Reiki Master Teacher

[email protected]


Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center