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Move Towards Food Security and Sanctuary with Bear Creek Organics

It often happens - a gardening idea or a dream strikes intensely, but then fizzles away if ignored.  The future of your landscape, your food security and your peace of mind depends on what you do with your landscaping ideas now. An investment in today’s dreams of edible landscaping, including raised garden beds, fruit trees, food forests, ponds, butterfly gardens, etc., will provide a mature abundance tomorrow.

Hi, I’m Richie Mitchell, owner of Bear Creek Organics. Last year, the pandemic took us by storm and shined the spotlight on what is most important in our lives. We’ve learned that our homes, families and communities are our best sources of security. We also see our homes and yards as places of sanctuary during these uncertain times. And we now know the importance of growing a portion of our food on our own land.  

Throughout 2020, we’ve seen our clients dream big as we continue to work towards their perfect edible landscapes. Bear Creek Organics has been flooded with many exciting edible landscaping projects.  This is very encouraging for the future of healthy communities and families. It emphasizes the importance of contacting us early in order to secure a spot in our schedule. It’s never too late, but you need to start now, commit to the process and stay dedicated to the dream. 

Recently, we checked in with a client whose yard was barren just three years ago. Bear Creek Organics worked with them to design and install many edible landscaping elements such as a fruit trees, food forest, raised vegetable garden beds, blueberry and raspberry patches, and a bee and butterfly rain garden. Upon visiting last summer, we were greeted by the sound of birds and bees, the colors of bright yellow and pink peach clusters, and the scent of fresh vegetables flourishing in the beds. Our clients were busy harvesting fresh berries, medicinal herbs and a basketful of vegetables for dinner. This year, their fruit trees are in full bloom and it’s looking to be an abundant crop. What’s your dream?

Bear Creek Organics’ purpose is to help you achieve your landscaping dreams by creating a custom edible landscaping solution for your land and life. This takes careful thought, planning and design. The plan needs to be phased, based on our availability, the season, property challenges and budget. Contacting us as soon as possible is the best way to avoid delay.  Remember that investing in your edible landscaping dream as soon as possible is the fastest way to achieve food security and sanctuary in your own backyard! 

Contact us: visit our website at and fill out the “contact us” form.  

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