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Ayurveda: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life

Proper nutrition and lifestyle are the cornerstones to wellbeing. Without these as a base, it is often unwise, and sometimes even counterproductive, to seek out remedies, whether they consist of herbs from traditional Indian or Chinese medicine, supplements from functional medicine or pharmaceutical drugs from allopathic medicine.

Ayurveda is the oldest holistic health system in the world, designed to bring the body back into balance so that it can heal itself. The first steps to balancing the body are through proper nutrition and lifestyle. By correcting these two aspects alone, numerous ailments such as skin rashes, headaches, bloating, digestive issues, lethargy and poor sleep can be eliminated. For more serious or debilitating issues, proper nutrition and lifestyle allow the body to work better with the remedy prescribed and maybe even require less medication. Moreover, a good digestive system allows the body to better assimilate all the nutrients it receives, instead of simply eliminating them.

My studies in Ayurveda began while living in Genoa, Italy. Following this, I had two study sojourns in India, one at an Ayurveda clinic and one at an Ayurveda University and Hospital. Both experiences left me in awe at their approach to illnesses and the ability to alleviate, help and cure the patients. While Ayurveda has numerous branches of study and specializations, I was interested in food, nutrition and lifestyle, primarily because while living abroad I learned the value of good, healthy food as well as the importance of taking time to slow down. After researching various institutions, I enrolled in Dr. Shekhar’s Food and Nutrition course here in Pennsylvania. I embraced Ayurveda’s approach to food and nutrition and incorporated its teachings into an everyday lifestyle for people in countries other than India. 

I love teaching and working with people who are interested in knowing exactly what a healthy lifestyle is and how to maintain it. Today there seem to be infinite health tips, diets, supplements, etc., but as Ayurveda teaches: health starts with prevention and prevention starts with simple basics, nothing complicated.  

In my consultations, we discuss food and nutrition at length.  We also cover recipes, cooking tips and ideas.  Cooking demos are a part of the consultation where I teach the importance of and the various uses of spices.  It’s always fun and useful to make a trip to the store or a farmers’ market so you can practice all that you’ve learned.

Michelle Costantini, BA, ALC, AFNC, CAP

Ayurveda Food, Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultant

Please contact me with any questions or interests. 

Tel: (720) 745-3453

Email: [email protected]

Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center, 628 Twin Ponds Rd., Breinigsville, PA 18031

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