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Investment of Thoughts

Jun 30, 2021 12:45PM ● By Kristy Mayer

“Drop the knife.”  Spiritual teacher and mystic, Miranda MacPherson, uses this phrase inviting us to let go of strategies we continually use to defend or uphold what we perceive should exist in our world. What if today you were to let go of all thoughts and expectations of others? How would it feel to free yourself of how others respond or how you think they should live?  Imagine the liberation in your mind not to carry someone throughout the day.  How someone chooses to live is exactly that - their choice. We can suggest, guide and teach, but the outcome is ultimately their decision. When we have preconceived ideas of how we want others to live, we’re also denying our freedom to choose. When we are absorbed with the presumption of directing others’ lives, we need to look at why we’re willing to be consumed with someone else’s story. Perhaps it’s time to investigate what we’re avoiding in our own lives. I’m not suggesting that we only take care of our own needs. I’m suggesting that we can further support and enhance this world by not investing our energy with how others choose to live. You may find the level of energies now available for you are heightened as it is no longer fractured energy.  Your intuition will also become more precise, inviting a continual flow of synchronicities… because now you have more spaciousness. Try it. Drop the knife.   

Diane DuPre’

Intuitive Healer/Reiki Master Teacher

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Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center 

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