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Just What Is Energy Healing?

From a young age we understand what it means to be physical.  We’re taught multiple functions:  how to keep our body healthy and who to seek or what to do if we’re not feeling good.

The “Subtle Body Energy System” is an integral connection to the physical body, yet many know nothing of this system, of its benefits, or how to keep it healthy.

EVERYTHING, including the human body, is energy. The Subtle Body has its own network of systems, each with their own particular focus and function. They all assist in keeping the physical and subtle bodies healthy and harmonious. 

As a specific practice within the holistic health field, Energy Healing focuses on engaging and clearing the energetic circuitry within our physical and subtle bodies to stimulate and support our innate ability to heal. Complimentary to modern medicine, the goal is to achieve health and well-being for the “whole” body, mind and spirit. There are many energetic modalities available. One of the more popular and well-known therapies is called Reiki (pronounced ray-kēē).

Energetic Healing can clear blockages. This benefit helps:  bring an overall balance and revitalized energy flow, instill inner peace and deep relaxation, relieve excess stress and fatigue, promote relief from aches and pains, strengthen the immune system, improve circulation, accelerate the healing process and recovery from illness, injury or surgery.

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