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Turn Back the Hands of Time against Aging!

Is reversing the aging process a pipe dream? Not by a long shot! The answer is AMPK (AMP activated protein kinase), a balancing enzyme and cellular energy sensor. AMPK repairs your DNA from environmental damage to your genetic code. Researchers at M.I.T. and Harvard University have shown through epigenetics that your DNA expression can be repaired daily to match your original birth DNA. The process is a complex biochemical formula involving AMPK and sirtuins to balance your DNA. 

What’s involved with repairing the genetic code? The environment, family history and food conspire to make us older. Change it! What are the daily causes of DNA change and toxins?  They’re inhaled chemicals like cigarette smoke, environmental chemical sprays, car exhaust and factory fumes. We’re bombarded by invisible electrical emissions from cell phones and electric transmission lines and there are toxins in our food supply, both from excessive high heating and additives. Eat the best quality food you can afford, exercise on a regimented schedule and consume daily noncaloric vitamins with ionic mineral cofactors. 

This DNA repair process occurs with regular intermittent fasting. These sirtuin repairs also occur during strenuous exercise. There are prescription and over-the-counter supplements that stimulate the production of AMPK and SIRT-1.  Some are Metformin, Resveratrol Herbal preparation, NAD and pterostilbene (nMn) and Life Extension vitamins, including AMPK stimulator. 

It’s an amazing feeling when you take charge of your life, research life-changing knowledge and see the effects for a more youthful self.

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