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Divorce and Mediation

Divorce has mental anguishes that are similar to death. However, divorce does not have to be financially devastating. Through the mediation process, divorce can be finalized in a more peaceful, healthier manner… greatly beneficial for everyone, especially when children are involved. Dignified Separation Mediation Services is a NJ-accredited mediator that will guide you through this process for your family’s overall wellbeing.
    Typical litigation divorces frequently cost a minimum of $15,000 (based on regional statistics) with a $5,000 retainer, and can drag on for more than 18 months, giving each party (and children) added stress. Dignified Separation does not charge retainer fees. You pay for the hours you use, making this service cost effective.
    New Jersey courts order mediation. By choosing mediation first, you and your spouse, not the court system, set the pace of your divorce. This results in less stress and lower costs.
    Dignified Separation calculates financial mandatories and child support, just as the NJ courts allow, but we do that, keeping in mind what will work best for your family.
    We cannot mediate all divorces. In situations where restraining orders are in place, it poses a legal issue for face-to-face mediation.

Visit our website,, for important information that will help you decide if mediation is best for you. If you and your spouse could benefit from this service, call today at 908-693-0242. Mention this ad in Natural Awakenings Magazine when you call to book an appointment, and we will waive the cost of your first consultation. Notary Public services are available. See ad, page 38.