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Ionic Foot Cleanse Detoxification

Have you or someone you love been forced to receive the Covid-19 experimental “jab”?  Are you concerned about the side effects that are being reported by many who have already received this treatment?

Mandated Covid-19 vaccines have resulted in many people having to choose between their health and their livelihood. Unfortunately, many people have had to sacrifice their health in order to provide for their families and now are living with unexpected side effects as a result of this experimental treatment. The toxic ingredients as well as the spike proteins in this injection continue to circulate in the body and have resulted in many unexpected and life-threatening symptoms for all age groups. To date, there have been over 2 million adverse effects reported (per the website).  In order to give your body the best chance to eliminate these toxic chemicals, we recommend detoxifying through a series of ionic foot cleanse treatments. 

Our bodies encounter toxins in various forms as we go through our day-to-day existence. Many of us don’t even realize the “heavy load” of toxins the body is forced to tolerate: polluted air, ingestion of pesticides in produce, synthetic food dyes, sugars and preservatives in processed foods, heavy metals, chemotherapy, chemicals in our detergents and cleaning supplies and many more environmental toxins. It is no wonder we are left feeling depleted of energy and vitality.  Many of our chronic illnesses and diseases are the result of the body’s inability to effectively detoxify these toxins from our systems. It is a wise practice to incorporate regular detoxification programs such as ionic foot cleansing into your health regimen. And with this latest round of chemicals inserted into the body through this Covid-19 injection, it is even more imperative that you remove these toxins from your body.

The detoxification treatments are relaxing and consist of sitting in a comfortable chair for thirty minutes and immersing your feet in a warm tub of salted water. A device called an array is inserted into the water and a mild electrical current is administered which enters through the hundreds of pores in you feet and stimulates the organs of the body to release the toxins that are stored in the body’s cells. These toxins are released into the tub of water and also eliminated through the body’s natural elimination system through bladder and bowel function. Patients regularly report an increase in energy, improved sleep, a reduction in food cravings and an overall feeling of better health. We especially encourage anyone who has received the experimental Covid-19 injection to implement this course of treatment for improved health as soon as possible.  

Contact Kathy at Associated Chiropractic & Konnections Massage to schedule your detoxification sessions at 610-266-6111. 

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