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Healthy Weight with Hypnosis

Stream Hypnosis, LLC, is offering group classes to enable participants to achieve their desired weight. This three-week course is for the person who has set a New Year’s resolution to prioritize health and wellness by maintaining a healthy bodyweight. This is also a great option for the person who may have put on a few pounds over the holidays and wants to get that jump start on getting their body ready for swimsuit season! 

Hypnosis is safe and effective. It works to communicate with the person’s subconscious mind, and in doing so, they can make changes to actions and habits that undermine their efforts and success. The hypnotist helps the person locate their strengths and resources to achieve their goal quickly and completely. In this course, participants will also learn self-hypnosis techniques that will equip them to get to their goal more easily and rapidly, while still having fun. 

What makes this so much fun and pleasant is that hypnosis uses imagination. If a person can imagine a goal, or “see” a goal, then they can achieve that goal. According to Einstein, “logic will get you from A to B; imagination will take you everywhere.” 

Classes for evening sessions begin Wednesday January 19, 2022, at 6:30 p.m., and the morning sessions will be held Saturday January 22, 2022, at 10 a.m. 

Class size is limited and preregistration is required.  Please contact Stream Hypnosis, LLC, at 570-617-5325, or visit our website at  

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