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So, you’ve started on your path to a healthier YOU in 2023? Maybe you are eating better and perhaps you have started an exercise routine to help you shed those unwanted pounds that mysteriously appeared. Another important question to ask in addressing your overall health is: WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO DETOXIFY THE ORGANS AND CELLS OF YOUR BODY? Maybe it is time to incorporate Ionic Foot Cleanse Detoxification into your wellness regimen to address the unwanted toxicity that accumulates from chemicals, pesticides, preservatives, heavy metals, viral and bacterial exposure. The ongoing list of unhealthy substances we encounter and absorb daily could fill an entire page. 

No wonder we are left feeling depleted of energy and vitality! Many of our chronic illnesses and diseases are the result of the body’s inability to effectively detoxify enough of these toxins from our systems. It is a wise practice to incorporate regular detoxification programs into your healthcare routine to assist your body in maintaining good health. 

During Ionic Foot Cleansing, the client sits in a comfortable chair and immerses their feet in a tub of warm salted water. A device called an array is inserted into the water which emits a very low electrical current into the water. This current enters the hundreds of pores located in the feet and stimulates the body’s organs to begin releasing the stored toxins. These toxins begin releasing into the tub of water and over the subsequent 24-48 hours the body continues to release and eliminate the toxins through urine and bowel elimination. Clients regularly report improved sleep, increased energy, a reduction in arthritic and joint pain, lower blood pressure and cholesterol numbers, and an overall feeling of better health when receiving regular treatments. Approximately, six to eight treatments are performed during a short duration of time and then clients typically choose to continue on a maintenance basis every three to four weeks thereafter. 

Keep your commitment to better health by scheduling an Ionic Foot Cleanse Detoxification appointment, by calling our office at 6101-266-6111. Here’s to a Healthy 2023!