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Exploring Your Landscaping Challenges With Bear Creek Organics

This month Bear Creek Organics would like to hear from “You”! We want to hear your feedback to get an understanding of the biggest challenges you are having with your land. What are your landscaping dreams and what is holding you back from creating them?  What is keeping you stuck on the proverbial Island A, and preventing you from getting to Island B?

The folks at Bear Creek Organics love a challenge. If you reach out to us through our website, share your landscaping dreams and biggest challenges, you will receive a $50.00 credit towards a consultation. (Offer ends March 1)

As homeowners, we accept responsibility not just for our home but for the land it sits on. We would also like it to be free of problems and full of landscaping dreams come true. But this can take some envisioning, a bit of hard work and dedication, and possibly some help from an expert.

This month Bear Creek Organics invites you to do some exploring, asking yourself what are the primary things getting in the way of your landscaping dreams. To help you get started we started with a few categories: Safety and liabilities, Beauty, and productivity. 


Tell us about the safety issues and liabilities of your land. Do you have grasses and weeds or wild undergrowth that pose a fire hazard or provide a haven for ticks and other critters that endanger your health?  What about large dangerous trees growing too close to power lines or buildings?  What about water management?  Does the flow of water across your land cause soil erosion or wet spots; does it end up in your basement or crawl space?


What is beauty to you?  What plants do you like?  Where do you feel beauty is lacking in your property?  What kind of beautiful colors would you like to see in your garden? Do you enjoy spending time in your yard?  Does it lift your spirits? How about maintenance, is it easy to care for, or is it overwhelming and out of control?


A productive landscape used to be a bonus feature once we addressed the safety and appearance of our land. With the high cost of quality food these days, productivity is becoming a priority. What are the challenges you face if you want to produce food or medicinal herbs?   Do you have issues with lack of sunlight, too much water, or thin and rocky soil?  Where is the best place to locate a garden or plant a fruit tree?  Which plants should you grow?  Which varieties will do best in your microclimate with the lay of your land? 

We would love to learn about the challenges you face on your land so that we can work together to help you make your landscaping dreams come true. 

CONTACT US. Visit and fill out the ‘Contact Us’ section or call (570) 582-0615. You can also follow us on Facebook to stay in touch. As a reminder, write to us by March 1st, 2023, to receive $50 towards a consultation and site visit.

Bear Creek Organics - 76 Helmer White Haven PA

Bear Creek Organics - 76 Helmer, White Haven, PA

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