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Intuition vs. Fear

Intuition is often referred to as our sixth sense. It’s something we’re born with, call it a hunch, gut feeling, instinct or clairvoyance of some kind. Children live in that zone, unlimited by perceptions of what’s logical. 

As adults, we’re trained to think and process information—yet intuition is more of a feeling. If we get hit by too many tragedies, we may confuse it with fear as we get stuck in self-protection mode. Building unbreakable walls around our hearts, intuitive power is drowned out by the overwhelming fight or flight response. 

So how do we reignite our intuition? First, know the difference. Intuition is an inner knowing, whisper, nudge, or at times a clear message. It comes from the heart, encouraging our dreams, letting us know when things feel right or wrong and when we need to reach for something more or different. 

Fear shouts and nags, full of anxiety and what-ifs. A jarring voice with only one goal, safety. It avoids risk and subdues all other emotions in its path. Intuition too can point us to safer choices but speaks from a place of wisdom, not fear. It helps us recognize patterns and red flags but doesn’t expect or look for them. 

To rekindle our intuitive superpower, we need to be open, vulnerable, and willing to feel all the signals. CBT and other forms of psychotherapy can help open the door. Expansive techniques like art medicine, meditation and other mind, body, spirit practices like breathwork offer an ever-deepening heart-brain coherence that drives intuition to shine. 

Michelle Lee is an artist and transformational workshop facilitator practicing throughout Northeast PA, the Harrisburg area, and Lehigh Valley. For details visit or call 570-443-7777. 

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