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Our Daily Eating Habits

When we consider our diet and healthy eating habits, we are exercising the strength of Self-Regulation. Self-Regulation is self-controlled moderation of choices. This strength helps to manage impulses and emotions. Impulses induced by anxiety can trigger emotional responses that can hinder our healthy choices. Studies in positive psychology, attribute self-regulation to healthy choices that we make in eating, exercise, and well-being. When we grow our strengths of self-regulation and prudence in making careful choices and minimizing the impact of negative and harmful choices, we grow. When we apply this to healthy eating, we may consider that it is more sustainable to grow vegetables and fruits in our garden than to buy grocery produce. Or perhaps we will choose to plant and harvest in a community garden to commune with others who like to share their appreciation of the beauty that is harvested in gardens.

The Appreciation of Beauty is a character strength that grows the virtue of transcendence in our humanity. This appreciation can be seen in the beauty of nourishing foods being harvested and shared in community. Do you have a desire to grow a garden or want to share these inspirations and grow your virtue of transcendence this Spring? If you would like to grow your strengths or explore your spirituality and grow your faith this Spring, consider booking a session to grow more this Beautiful Season! 

For More Info: Mandy Gero, OFS, Spiritual Director and Positive Psychology Practitioner.  [email protected] Tel: 908-319-3605

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