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Apr 01, 2024 02:13PM ● By Bear Creek Organics

Are you hoping for a more vibrant and positive start to the Spring? Maybe a little more gardening will do the trick. A vegetable garden is a great place to start. No matter what form your garden takes that investment of time and money is more than worth it. There’s no better way to bring more peace and freedom to your life than growing your own food and immersing yourself in nature with friends, family, pets, and community. 

A vegetable garden gives us more control over what we put in our bodies. Do you want to eat more vegetables, better quality, organic vegetables? Planting and growing your own vegetables is one sure way to gain some control over the quality of our food. When we sow and nurture these plants ourselves we know what goes into their production. We know they are healthy and good for us.

Just tending a vegetable garden is good for our health. It gets us off our butts and outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air. There are even health benefits to sticking our hands into rich, nutrient-dense soil. Getting soil under our fingernails nourishes our gut by exposing us to beneficial bacteria. And what is good for us is especially good for our children!

Growing a vegetable garden is a great Family Activity. Parents, grandparents, and children working together creates and nurtures the family bond. Elders pass on stories from their childhood as well as practical how-to, and children supply the joy of discovery and the delight in a new experience. From planting seeds to harvesting the produce, growing vegetables teaches basic biology with hands-on learning.  The vegetables that you grow yourself always taste better than store-bought. Kids who grow vegetables eat a greater quantity and variety of veggies. 

Growing a garden is good for the soul. Working in a garden lifts us out of worry about the future and plants us in the present. Visiting the garden every day, watering seedlings, tying up loose tendrils of a pea plant, thinning crowded greens, welcoming bees and butterflies, celebrating the flowers and swelling fruits, drinking in the sensory delight of color, fragrance, sound, touch, and eventually taste lifts us out of the mundane and grounds us in the sacredness of creation.

Yes, this is a great year to plant a vegetable garden.  

If you need a little help getting started, call Richie Mitchell at Bear Creek Organics.  Visit to schedule a consultation. Don’t hesitate; the growing season is upon us! 

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