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Painful Nosy Neighbors

One of the primary functions of the nervous system is to protect us from harm. When an injury occurs, this will typically cause pain at the sight of the trauma. The nervous system, which can be viewed as an alarm system will produce pain once it is set off. If your home alarm was set off in your neighborhood this would produce noise and would also wake up your neighbors if it was working correctly. Your neighbors would become interested and concerned about what is going on at your residence to make sure everything is okay. A similar process occurs in the body. 

Nerves and body tissue close to the sight of an injury can become sensitive although they were not directly impacted by the injury itself. In addition, your body produces immune cells that will also inspect the disturbance in your body. These immune cells will further notify and wake up more distant body tissue, which can increase sensitivity and pain. Furthermore, old injuries and/or surgical sites that have long been healed may also become uncomfortable as a result of all of these factors. Again, all of these processes are implemented by the body to further protect you from further potential injury. Patients need to educate themselves on the nature of pain mechanisms such as these. It can reduce fear and anxiety when a patient has a clearer understanding of their condition. This can lead to better outcomes during the rehabilitation process.

Kyle S. Kasman, PT, DPT

Board-Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist

[email protected]

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