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An Exciting Fall and Winter Season at Stonehedge Gardens

The staff at Stonehedge Gardens are hard at work preparing for the autumn and winter seasons filled with permaculture and natural building workshops and Christmas tree lighting events.

Dale Hendricks from Green Light Plants in Chester County will present Soil, Carbon, Climate and Biochar—the Rest of the Story, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., October 20. The workshop will inform participants about the carbon cycle. In the afternoon, there will be a hands-on demonstration about making biochar.

On October 27, Richard Mitchell, from Bear Creek Organics, in Bear Creek Village, will talk about Plant Guild & Edible Landscaping and demonstrate the installation of an actual plant guild on the grounds at Stonehedge.

Another project on the grounds this fall will be the rebuilding of a greenhouse using Earthship Biotecture techniques (EarthshipGlobal.com). Jonah Reynolds, who grew up in Earthship autonomous homes, will be leading the construction project and several workshops.

The 38th Annual Christmas Tree Lighting events will include new programming twists. The Stonehedge Christmas trees have over 14,000 lights of various hues, controlled by 25 separate dimmers, choreographed to a 25-minute program of beautiful holiday music.

Location: 51 Dairy Rd, Tamaqua. For more information, visit Stonehedge.us.

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