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The Secret of the Heart Chakra

Let’s start off with the basics. Translated as a wheel, a chakra is a spinning ball of energy that’s part of our energy system. There are seven main chakras emanating in and around our physical bodies. Located along the energetic highway that aligns with our spine, each has a specific location and qualities, like safety, sensuality, self-confidence, and so on. 

The heart chakra is extra special. Connected to energies of love, compassion, generosity, selflessness, and more. It also gifts us with a lesser-known but truly essential quality. One that shows why a broken heart, can throw so many other things in our lives out of whack. 

That secret? It’s the key to uniting all the chakras. Like a bridge between our physically-oriented, material chakras of the lower triangle (root, sacral and solar plexus), and the ethereal, spiritually-oriented upper triangle (throat, third eye, and crown). When the heart bridge is imbalanced or blocked, the other chakras typically fall like dominoes. Spreading from heartbreak and depression to fear and insecurity, lack of emotion and creativity, low self-esteem, not speaking our truth, and total disconnection from intuition and spirit. 

While it’s not easy to heal the heartbreak of betrayal, grief, or other loss, it is always possible. Therapy is very helpful, yet a more holistic approach may bring faster results, rekindling and reconnecting all our chakras. Combining meditation, art medicine, journaling, and yoga are some of the transformational tools that take us from heartbroken to fully heart-woken, free, and whole to live and love again. 

Michelle Lee is an artist and transformational workshop facilitator practicing throughout Northeast PA, the Harrisburg area, and Lehigh Valley. For details visit or call 570-443-7777. 

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