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Feel Better with Hypnosis

Clinical hypnosis helps people manage pain. It is evidence-based, meaning scientific studies have been done to support its use for a variety of problems, including pain management. Hypnosis is a safe, effective means to empower people to feel better and have a meaningful quality of life.

Pain is a part of the body’s system designed to keep one safe and ensure survival. It’s the alarm signal to the brain to sound the alert that something needs attention. Pain that starts and then resolves once everything is taken care of is termed acute pain.

Pain that lasts longer than 3 months and persists even though the proper diagnosis or source is identified and treated correctly is termed chronic pain. Chronic pain is pain that continues to send the pain signal to the brain like a continuous alarm that is not helpful or necessary for safety or survival. It reaches into all areas of a person’s life from employment to finances, relationships, hobbies, emotions, sleep, and spirituality. 

There is neuroscientific evidence that chronic pain can be imprinted in the brain indicating how the perpetual impulses received leave a lasting effect that is evidence that the statement “It’s all in your head” may in some ways be true. 

Hypnosis offers people hope to regain freedom and comfort.  Neuroplasticity is a phenomenon, in which the brain grows and adaptively improves given the right conditions and experiences.

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