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Natural Awakenings Lehigh Valley

Women's Spirituality Brings Strength

Transcendence is the virtue that holds the strength to overcome many stresses that develop in our lives. These strengths help us to find meaning outside of ourselves. An appreciation for the beauty around us and feelings of wonder that come from being in awe are hallmarks of transcendence. Gratitude experienced regularly allows for an acceptance and feeling of being blessed amidst difficulties. Hope is an optimistic expectancy that allows openness to the opportunities to reach our goals and for a positive future. Humor can connect us deeper and make stressful times more playful and brighter. Spirituality infuses our lives with meaning and purpose weaving connections throughout communities. These five-character strengths can grow during Spiritual Direction to bring forth the virtue of Transcendence. If you would like to develop your transcendent strengths this Spring, schedule a session to share the beauty of you!

For more info: Mandy Gero, OFS, Spiritual Director and Positive Psychology Practitioner.  MGero@GroundHoveringRocks.   www.GroundHoveringRock.  Tel: 908-319-3605.

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