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The Joy and Rewards of Planting an Edible Landscape in Spring by Bear Creek Organics

Apr 30, 2024 06:47PM ● By Bear Creek Organics

The expansion of Spring has been in the air for weeks! Bear Creek Organics encourages you to magnify this energy of action and new beginning by embarking on the journey of creating an edible landscape. It’s the perfect season to plant your dreams and transform your outdoor space into a vibrant tapestry of fruit trees, berry bushes, nut trees, vegetables, and herbs. 

Embracing the Excitement of Spring

Spring is a season of renewal, a time when nature bursts forth with new life and possibilities. Planting an edible landscape now ignites a sense of excitement and anticipation as you witness the transformation of your outdoor space. The process of selecting, planting, and growing your favorite food reawakens awe and purpose. It creates meaning and accomplishment that can bear fruit for a lifetime.

Nutritional Benefits and Flavorful Delights

Homegrown produce offers unparalleled flavor and nutritional value along with a diversity of shapes, colors, textures and health benefits yet to be experienced in the grocery isle! By incorporating a diverse array of fruits, berries, nuts, and native plants you take control of the quality, freshness, and flavor of what you eat. 

The Perfect Time for Fruit Trees and Berry Bushes

Spring is an ideal time to plant, setting the stage for years of delicious harvests to come. With the soil still moist and temperatures beginning to rise, newly planted trees and bushes have ample time to establish their root systems before the heat of summer arrives. Whether you're dreaming of crisp and juicy apples, perfectly ripened peaches, or sweet berries galore, now is the time to bring those dreams to life.

Enhancing Beauty and Functionality

Fruits, nuts, and berries add beauty and charm to any landscape. Imagine the sight of flowering apple and cherry trees in the spring, followed by the sight of ripe fruit dangling from their branches in the summer and fall. Berry bushes, with their vibrant hues of red, blue, and purple, so sweet plump and tangy by the handful. Native plants providing shelter, food, and nectar for birds and native insects.

Let’s plant together this Spring!

We are here to support you in making your edible landscape dreams come true.

Work with us through every step of the process:


Visit the Bear Creek Organics Nursery!

A fully- stocked nursery for your edible plant dreams. Purchase the most unique fruits, nuts, and berry trees, along with beautiful native flowers, all specifically selected for low maintenance and ease of success in our area.


Visit and fill our ‘contact us’ form or email [email protected] to get started working with us. 

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