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Animals and Essential Oils

Like humans, animals encounter a wide array of health issues, from arthritis and joint pain to allergies, cancer, heart and digestive issues. Just like people, animals can benefit from the use of essential oils and oil-infused products that contain quality ingredients. This helps to reduce exposure to harsh chemicals.

Pets are exposed to whatever we use, whether it’s dish soap, laundry soap, fragrances and other products, any of which may be harmful to them.

When our Labrador retriever Rambo was two years old, he tore his right rear ACL. He required major surgery, and that’s when I found the benefits of Young Living™ essential oils for animals!

Rambo came home from his procedure needing support for angry skin resulting from the shaving required for surgery. He also had major inflammation and discomfort. Massaging with oils helped, and it also helped Mama feel better!  Since that time, I am a huge advocate of oils for animals. Rambo recently celebrated his 6th birthday, and he’s healthy and happy!

Please note that when using oils on pets of any kind, quality matters. Lesser quality, adulterated oils will have a negative impact on animal health. Most oils need to be diluted based on the animal’s size and species. Always a good idea to check with a vet!

To learn about incorporating oils into your life or using them with your pets, call, text or email Sue Sampson, Independent Distributor, at 610-297-0442 or [email protected]. She teaches classes at Twin Ponds Center, Breinigsville.

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