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Structured Water for Health

Have you heard about it yet? It may be a new buzzword, but it’s not a new invention.

Mother Nature has provided us with structured water for millions of years. It is the foundation for all life. When water comes from the earth in a natural flowing spring, the molecules are arranged in linked hexagonal units.  This “structured” water is energetically alive, and it naturally carries information with it which is vital for the health of the human body.

The degree to which water can support life depends on the degree of life force in the water. Water can be vibrantly alive or it can be barely alive. Unfortunately, all of the technology used to make water accessible to us and generally “healthy” (free of contaminants), such as straight pipes, pressurized pumps, filters, the addition of chemicals, and stagnant storage in plastic and metal containers, have the effect of “unstructuring” water. Water from a municipal source has been treated aggressively, but even if you have a private well, water does not have to travel far in straight pipes before its structure is minimized. Energetically, the water has been deadened, losing its ability to hold information and vitality which makes it less available to the body for cellular hydration.  This is the state of most people on the planet today – underhydrated, regardless of how much water they actually drink. Research scientists are implying that replenishing the structured water in our bodies not only improves hydration, but can also slow the aging process and prevent disease.

The good news is that for over 35 years the Plocher company in Germany has been successfully producing water treatment devices that return tap water to its original energetic, healthy form as provided by Mother Nature.

With their Plocher® Kat unit, selected “information resonances” from clean, fresh spring water and vital oxygen (embedded into a stainless steel unit attached to your water line) are passed on to the flowing water according to the principle of vibration.   Previous memories of toxic pollutants are erased, PH is naturally increased. The Plocher® Kat curbs the formation of calcium crystals, magnesium sulfate and magnesium; these deposits become softer and do not deposit on elements. There is a reduction of polluting substances in the water, such as heavy metals (iron, manganese, copper and zinc) as well as substances such as ammonium, nitrate, phosphate, chlorine and harmful bacteria. The taste of tap water is improved and your body benefits from improved hydration.

With Plocher’s whole house water revitalization you can enjoy all the benefits of vibrantly alive structured water for cooking, drinking, showers/baths, laundry, gardening and your pets…wherever water is used in your home.

For more information please contact Val Elwell at 610-702-2687 or visit

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