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Structured Water

Nature’s Water Softener   

When water is remediated with a traditional water softener, the hard water minerals (calcium and magnesium) are replaced with sodium from the salt. Since sodium doesn’t participate in the formation of scale, hard water deposits are eliminated. However, an environmental problem is created as brackish water is flushed away. Some areas of the U.S. prohibit the use of water softeners because of the tremendous burden to groundwater. This wastewater is even incompatible with septic tanks because when you kill bacteria, septic systems can’t do their job.  

         Today, whole house water structuring devices can reduce (and often eliminate) the need for traditional water softeners. Nothing is replaced or removed chemically. The minerals remain in the water, and scale deposits are significantly reduced because the minerals are micronized with a natural electron charge that causes them to resist interaction with pipes and fixtures.   Water softened via structuring has benefits without the slippery/slick feel of traditionally softened water.

         Water structuring units can extend the life of hot water heaters, dishwashers, air conditioners, etc., without harming the environment. Water conditioned by structuring supports the environment because it contains more energy as it’s leaving your home. The resulting water also resonates at a higher frequency, which deters some forms of algae and bacteria.

         An excellent choice for water structuring/revitalization is a PlocherKat unit. Its effect is continuous, permanent, and maintenance-free with no energy consumption. And, no need for the expense and inconvenience of lugging those bags of salt any longer! For more information, contact Val at 610-702-2687.

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