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Natural Awakenings Lehigh Valley

The Pumpkin Pamper Package

You start your three-and-a-half-hour spa day with our pumpkin spice full body scrub. Your skin will feel rejuvenated as you are massaged with the scrub. We wash that off and then massage your entire body with our pumpkin spice butter cream lotion. It will leave your skin feeling moist and smelling so good. Next, we begin your pumpkin spice facial, which will leave your face glowing. We use an oxygenating mask that cleanses and minimizes the size of your pores, leaving your skin feeling younger. Finally, we continue your pampering with our Pumpkin Spice Spa Pedicure. First, we soak your feet in a pumpkin mineral bath. Then we scrub your calves and feet with our pumpkin spice scrub. After that, we apply the pumpkin spice mask to your legs and wrap them in hot towels and continue your pedicure. After a callus treatment, we massage pumpkin spice butter cream lotion on your feet, leaving your skin moist and fragrant. We use Keyano Aromatics brand products for all three services.        

Due to popular demand, we are extending the Pumpkin Pamper Package through the end of November. We bundled three popular services and seasoned them with pumpkin spice all for $150 - a savings of $100!

Our holiday gift card program begins on November 1st. When your purchase a $50 gift card, you will receive $10 in Spa Dollars. When you purchase a $100 gift card, you will receive  $25 in Spa Dollars.

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