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Low Level Laser Therapy

Pain relief & healing, with no side effects

When cells are stressed, their ability to consume oxygen is reduced, resulting in the reduction of the cells’ ability to make energy. Cells are then stressed further, causing more swelling and reduction of energy production. Laser therapy reverses this process, which reduces the inflammation, increases the cells’ ability to use oxygen, and restores the cells’ energy. This allows tissue to heal more quickly. Clinical applications are: acute or chronic tendinopathies, sprains and strains, neck and back pain, osteoarthritis, post-operative pain and tissue healing. Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) improves tissue repair and reduces pain and inflammation wherever the laser beam is applied. Treatments take only a few minutes and can be applied two or more times a week. Within 2 hours, patients frequently experience pain relief that lasts for 48 hours, and healing time for chronic tendinitis is reduced by 70%. Treatment results are equal to or better than using nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Those drugs may contribute to slow healing and often have side effects, whereas Low Level Laser, an excellent alternative, actually improves healing and reduces inflammation and pain. LLLT also reduces muscle fatigue and muscle damage and soreness. Over 200 LLLT clinical trials have been conducted and over 1,000 laboratory studies have been published. More than 3,000 customers use THOR lasers in 70 countries and at Harvard Medical School, NASA and the US Navy.

Call Emmanuel Abraham 917-213-0664 at Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center for an appointment.

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